I hope everyone had a lovely, super scary halloween. 🙂

We didn’t do anything, mainly because I felt so bad. My mom came to visit and take care of me (she is fabulous). She got here around 7 pm Friday and we just hung out and talked and stuff. We had no trick or treaters. Not surprising since we live in the middle of nowhere. We didn’t have any candy for them anyway. How un-festive of us, I know.

I have been feeling better this weekend. I’m sure its a combination of it being the weekend, my mommy here to take care of me, and the medicine the Dr. prescribed. She just left though, and its almost monday again, so let’s hope it is the medicine doing all the work! I don’t think I could handle another week of this! But hey, what choice do I have, right?


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Yearbook yourself

I have really neglected this blog. I have a good reason, I promise. I have, to put it bluntly, been puking my guts up. This pregnancy has not really been fun so far. I’ve missed work nearly all week. I’ve tried every remedy all the hundreds of people have been suggesting to me. Nothing is working. 😦

So in the midst of my boredome and illness, I’ve been playing around on Yearbook Yourself. Here are a couple of my results

Me in 1966:


Me in 1968:

Here is Michael is 1974:

Go try it for yourself. The results are hysterical.

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New pics

There are new pictures of the house on the Building Our Nest Page. It has looked this way for a little while now. Only new thing is the brick that is slowly being added. Inside there are lots of changes. Bathtubs are in, plumbing is finished, AC ducts are in, electric is almost finished. Next monday we have the insulation scheduled to be blown in. Then we’ll be able to sheetrock. It’s going slow, but that is what happens when you’re doing most of the work yourself!

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Perfect October

Looking over the forecast for this weekend and all of next week, I am struck again by how much I adore fall. The weather is truly perfect. The temperatures are anywhere from 66* to 77* and sun is predicted for most of the week! It’s a lovely time for taking the dogs for walks, picnics in the park, and jogging (though the dr. said don’t do that for a few more weeks). October seems to be the only month here in Texas that you can go out and neither break a sweat nor freeze to death. I wish it would stay this way all year long.

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We’re going to have a baby! I’m 4 weeks and 4 days. Due June 20, 2009.

We had our first prenatal Dr. appointment today. I don’t really know what the point was, except reassurance maybe. She said most people don’t even know they’re pregnant this early. How could they not? I feel pregnant already.

I wasn’t completely impressed with the medical system. I knew I wouldn’t be. We have been researching the pros and cons of going with a midwife at a birth center over a doctor and hospital. I want a natural birth. No IV’s, no intervention (assuming the pregnancy will be low risk). The Dr. said they don’t do that. You must have an IV in a hospital and she clearly stated that if you’re not progressing quickly enough in your labor that they will use intervention to get it going. After the dr. visit, I made an appointment for a consultation with the midwife.

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This is my kind of planet

I am a total handbag “whore”. I love them. I could buy a new one every week probably.

Well, I found this really cool link to some FREE fashionable handbags. They give away 1 handbag every hour. So there are 24 great bags to choose from! Good luck! 🙂

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M’s laptop died about 6 months ago. I have mine, of course, and so he’s been using it. I’m not really one for sharing so I’ve been BEGGING him to get his own. Well, since he has a business trip coming up next week and he needed to bring the laptop (and I wasn’t about to be left here without one!!), I finally got him to buy one last night.

Two things: 1. I fell madly in love with a Mac laptop. 2. I really like windows Vista!

How do I know? Because once we got the new laptop home, I took it over and played on it all night. He got my old one. Now, I’ll be keeping the new one while he’s gone and he’ll take my old one. I’m so bad. *chuckle*

So anyway, my new plan is to save up for this Mac that I now adore. Michael can have his new laptop back, and I can give my old one to my mom, who’s been wanting one! Then we can all live happily ever after. 🙂

If you own a Mac, how do you like it? Tell me about it!

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