About Us

Welcome to our blog! My name is Alice, and my DH is Michael. I go by shihtzumomma on The Nest. I created this little blog to use as an area to record little pieces of our life and share it with you. We hope you enjoy it.

First off, we’ve been married since 7/28/2007. We are still newlyweds and we’re so excited that it has been 1 year! We can’t believe how quickly it’s gone by! We reside in East Texas (that is why my blogger name is etxwife, I’m not ET’s Ex-Wife!!) I am originally from South Louisiana/Cajun country, and Michael grew up here.

After much contemplating and going back and fourth over whether we should build or buy, we decided to embark on the exciting journey of building our own home! I’ll update here as we go along.

Michael and I have two dogs. Gulliver is a 15 month old Shih Tzu and Dash is a 10 month old Weimaraner mix. I have always been a dog person, but Michael was not keen on the idea of having a dog live in the house. But when I brought Gulliver home at 9 weeks old, he totally fell in love. He still didn’t want a large dog in the house, but… a few weeks before Christmas, we brought Dash home from the humane society. Now we can’t imagine life without our wonderful boys. They bring us so much joy (and sometimes a lot of irritation!) and Michael has realized that having dogs in the house is not as bad as he once believed. 🙂

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