we’re finally getting somewhere

September 4, 2008 at 7:10 pm Leave a comment

The builder came over today and drew the chalk lines for the walls. They will be there first thing tomorrow to get started on the framing. Geez, it has taken forever for this to get rolling. There is another house down the street that is being built and their electrical, plumbing, and shingles are already finished. And we had our slab poured before they did! But hopefully once the framing is finished the rest will go pretty quickly.


On a completely different note, M and I are going green. Or at least live a little more naturally. It’s great in that typically it can save you money while still helping the earth. We have started exclusively using cloth grocery bags. M rolled his eyes at me at first but I think he likes it now. Here are some cool “green” products I picked up the other day.

Origins Organics foaming face wash. It is the absolute most wonderful thing I have ever put on my face. I feel so clean without my skin feeling dry. This is actually a sample bottle that I got for free from the Origins in Dillards. Their plan worked, because I will definitely be going back to buy more.

These are some fabulous toothbrushes that I got at Target after reading about them in the fall Nest magazine. They are made from recycled yogurt cups. When you are finished with them the company will send you a prestamped envelope to send them back in. Then they will recycle the brushes into cool stuff like park benches. Awesome, huh? They’re cute as can be too! At $2 each they are definitely no more expensive than any other toothbrush, plus you’re doing something for the environment! Stay tuned for more green happenings around our residence. 🙂


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