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Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days. My mom and aunt were here visiting and I took that time off work. We stayed busy shopping, shopping, and visiting. I scored tons of great deals and got so many new clothes. Most of all, we had a blast and spent lots of quality time together. Today was back to the daily grind and time for my mom and aunt to leave. 😦 Luckily, we will be down in LA in a week and a half, so it won’t be long before I see her again.

Inconveniently, I forgot my camera today. So I couldn’t take any pics of the house progress. The concrete forms are up and the plumber started working today. He has until Monday to be finished and the concrete truck will be pulling in bright and early Tuesday morning.

Since I’ve been off work, and my mom and aunt have been here, Dash has not had to go in his crate much the last few days. This morning Michael and I left for work as usual and my mom and aunt continued to get ready to leave. Dash was very, very angry when they put him in his crate and they said they could hear him barking from inside the car in the driveway!! Well…we got home this evening and opened the door to Dash standing in the living room waiting for us. Of course of first reaction was “ohhh crap!” but he did no damage whatsoever! All that happened was he knocked over the garbage can in the kitchen, but luckily we tied the bag up before we left this morning. He didn’t even tear it! We went into his room to assess the damage and he had bent up the crate pretty badly to get out. Michael bent it all back though, so we’ll see how it holds up tonight and more so tomorrow.


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