Bye car!

July 12, 2008 at 1:43 am Leave a comment

The saga of the dead Jetta is finally coming to a close. Tomorrow Michael is taking it back up to the car lot in Oklahoma to get it (hopefully) fixed and sold.

Here is some history. Last June the VW Jetta died suddenly on M’s way home from work. He brought it to several mechanics who couldn’t find a cause of death. We then took it to the dealership who gave us the run around and wanted to charge us 9k for a new engine. Finally we sent the car up to the car lot that M and his cousin own for his cousin to fix and sell. After a long while, Cousin gets the Jetta fixed and puts it up for sale. We turned down the first offer we got because it was less than our asking price. Bad choice. After many months we bring the Jetta back to try and sell it here. We drove the J around here for about one month when suddenly one morning we got in to leave church and it wouldn’t start. So the car has been sitting in our driveway for 4 months. By the way, it’s the timing belt that is causing all the drama. 😦

BIL tying the car to the trailer.

M drove the car up onto the trailer but he couldn’t open the doors once he got up there. So he had to climb through the car and out the trunk.


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