Rough day :(

June 25, 2008 at 8:33 pm Leave a comment

I’m too lazy to write what happened today again so I’m just going to c&p it from where I typed it earlier.

Okay, so the business across the street was foreclosed on and they were forced to auction off their inventory. It was a decor place with artificial trees, greenery, planters, etc. Well a bunch of us from the office went over there to buy some stuff. The auction started at 10, I went over at about 9:30 for the preview. So we were all sitting around with our bidding cards bidding on stuff. I got 2 topiaries, 2 copper planters, and 4 bundles of some really cool grass. The auction starts wrapping up around 1:30 so I take my card to the cashier to pay. She looks at my tickets and there are 5 tickets (I only had 3 “lots” of items so there should have been 3 tickets) adding up to $55. I had mine calculated and it came to $43. I was not going to pay for what I didn’t get so we called the auctioneer over to fix it. Well he wasn’t worried about it and I waited for 30 minutes before I told one of my co-workers to call me when he decided to come fix it and I’d walk back over there. So it was about 15 more minutes and she calls me. I walk back over to the warehouse and the auctioneer is still not there. The cashier added up what the tickets said and asked me to pay her. I took her calculator and said “I am not paying for what I did not get. This is my bid card, this is what I’m paying for.” At this time the auctioneer comes up and I say “You need to fix this” (I was angry at this point) and he said “You’ll have to wait a minute ma’am” and I yelled “I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR AN HOUR!!!!!” and he said “Well you’ll have to wait some more or leave the stuff here” That pissed me off beyond reason. I had been sitting in the 90* heat for 4 hours and I don’t even get the crap I won?! I ripped up my card, threw it on the ground and stormed back to my office. When I got back I just started bawling.

I just want to freaking SCREAM!!!!!! :*(

On a happier note, Michael and I have been going bike riding the last two days. The first day we rode 3.1 miles in 45 minutes and yesterday we rode 3.1 miles in 30 minutes. I could hardly move after the first day, it was so hard! I hadn’t ridden a bike in probably 10 years. Yesterday was tons better and did not seem as hard to me.


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