I am so sorry!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, all that jazz! It’s been forever since I’ve been on here! Mostly due to being verrrry sick. I am no longer working because of this reason. I am 20 weeks and 1 day and I have lost 10 lbs since my first Dr.’s appointment. Otherwise, everything is fine and the baby is healthy. We are having our “big” ultrasound on Wednesday, Feb. 4th. Hopefully baby will cooperate and let us see it’s stuff!

Here is a belly pic from today:



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We got Dash back. Yippee!

I’ve lost track of the days, but sometime last week we went ahead and filed a report with the sherriff’s department. They really weren’t helpful at all so there was no point. Friday Michael went back to the golf course and somehow talked them in to going over the list with him. They narrowed it down to two guys that it could have been. Since the sherriff’s dept. wasn’t really interested in getting the ball rolling on this, Michael did an internet search on the guys himself. He got an address for the guy that lives closest to us. We went to his house but he wasn’t home. M talked to his dad. That guy didn’t have Dash, but the dad did say that his son and the other guy were playing golf there last Saturday.

Apparently after we left, the dad called his son, who called his friend that had Dash. We got a call around 6:45pm Saturday night from the guy that had him. He gave us directions and we drove out to get him.

As soon as we got the the house, the man opened the door and Dash ran out and practically jumped into our arms. The guy and his wife were really nice. We were just so happy to get Dash back that we didn’t say anything to them about taking him. They apologized profusely and we just thanked them for calling us.

Dash looks fine. He’s a little on the thin side. He’s always been thin but he just looks skinnier now. I’m sure that will change in the next week or so. Hehe.

Anyway, thank you all for your prayers and thoughts. We all really appreciate it.

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one of my favorites

This is one of my favorite pictures of Dash. It was taken only a few months ago. We had just gotten up and he was still sleeping…on my pillow.


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3 days later

and we still have no leads on Dash.

We have posted flyers everywhere that would allow us to. We’ve contacted all the vets and the shelter in town. We’ve posted ads on craigslist every day.

I got a call today from a girl that saw his ad on craigslist. She said that she had seen a dog at a nearby shelter that looked just like Dash. M and I sped over to look and see if he was there. He wasn’t. They did say they’d keep an eye out for him though.

M and I have spoken with the golf course a couple of times. M spoke to the groundskeeper today and he told us to come back and meet with the guy who works inside tomorrow (it was raining today) and we can go through the logs for Saturday. He should be able to tell us who didn’t take Dash, and that would be fine with us because we’ll call every person on that dang list if it means we get our dog back.

Please keep praying. Thanks.

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Dear Dash,

Please bite the turds who took you and find your way back home!

Our precious Dash got out yesterday. Apparently he decided to hang out on the golf course we live behind. We went looking for him and brought a flyer to the golf course. They knew exactly who he was and said that he had jumped in the car with a nice couple. They asked if he belonged to anyone but the folks at the golf course didn’t know. The people took him! They stole a healthy, beautiful, neutered dog that had a collar! It’s not like he could be mistaken as a stray. How could someone just take off with someone’s dog??

We’ve been out all day posting flyers everywhere we know. We’ve knocked on doors and given out pictures and business cards to reach us. At this point though, it’s really not about someone finding him so much as it is hoping that the morons who took him will see that he is someone’s family member and bring him home safely! I just can’t imagine how scared he is not knowing where he is or what happened to his family.

Please come home to us safely, Dasher-oo!!


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tummy baby.

That is what I called pregnant women when I was very young (2,3,4 ish)

Tomorrow I will be 8 weeks along. I’m doing much better and I haven’t been sick since Monday. I’m also getting a little bump..



There are also new pictures of the house on the Building Our Nest page.

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Election day!

Don’t forget to


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